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Account Ability can import Information Returns, Annual Wage Reports, and Client information from a comma delimited ASCII Text File that conforms to a pre-defined record layout ("Schema"). Although most third party applications are capable of exporting to a delimited text file, the likelihood of the output being compatible with this schema is nil. The Import Mapping Utility ("IMU") resolves this dilemma by allowing the end user to convert any delimited text file ("Source") to a compatible text file ("Destination") via a series of drags, drops, and overrides, referred to as a mapping.


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Account Ability can also import IRSTAX and W2REPORT files that comply with IRS Publication 1220 and SSA EFW2 (formerly MMREF-1) specifications, respectively. Do not use IMU with these types of files. Instead, see the Import selection on Account Ability's File menu.

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