The Source Page

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The Source page, which is visible only after a source file has been opened, contains the original source, changes made to the source during the current session, navigation buttons, and the option to delete source records.




The active source record is clearly highlighted at the top of the Source page (Record 2 above). Below the active source record, the entire source file is displayed in the source list window. Navigation buttons (shown in blue) can be used to activate the first, previous, next, or last source record, respectively.


note Notes


Clicking directly in the source list window changes the active source record.
As illustrated above, EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT contains two null (blank) records. These have been included intentionally. Although source files, in general, should not contain null records,  IMU will attempt to avoid them during the execution phase of your mapping.
The Delete (pageSource_Delete) button can be used to delete the active source record, if necessary. Unless saved, deletions are temporary. For instructions on saving source file changes, see the topic Source File Group.