Learning The Basics

The User Interface

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The user interface consists of many components, each serving a unique function in IMU. In addition to being rich in Contextual Help, there are 3 main pages (also known as tabs).




The Mapping page, which is always visible, provides all of the functionality required for creating, navigating, executing, saving, opening, renaming, and deleting mappings.


The Source page, which is visible only after a source file has been opened, contains the original source, changes made to the source during the current session, navigation buttons, and the option to delete source records.


The Output page, which is visible only after a mapping has been executed, contains the results of the execution. It is these results that eventually get imported into Account Ability.


Once you feel familiar with the user interface, jump to the chapter "Your First Mapping". This chapter makes extensive use of above pages and the objects they contain.