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Select The Source File

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In the previous topic, destination Form 1099-MISC was selected from the tax form group. The next step in creating a mapping is that of opening sample source file EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT.


To Locate source file EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT,


Click the search (bLocateSource) button appearing in the source file group.
Look in the folder 2021MAPS for the folder EXAMPLE.
Look in the folder EXAMPLE for the source file EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT (see below).



Double-click EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT in order to select it.


If successful, the source view will contain the descriptive header (first) record of EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT, the delimiter group will read comma, the source navigation panel will be active, and the source page will be visible. We are now ready to create our first mapping.


note Notes


The folder 2021MAPS can be found within the IMU installation folder.
If a descriptive header is not displayed, select Read in the header group.
EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT does not use implied decimals.