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Map by Name Procedure

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After selecting a form from the tax form group, IMU populates the destination view with a list of destination fields specific to that form's schema. If your source file includes a descriptive header record with field names matching any or all of those displayed in the destination view, the Map by Name procedure can be used to automatically map each source field to its respective destination. To facilitate the inclusion of such a header record, a tool to create either a comma, tab, or pipe delimited header record is included on the Tools Menu Button (see Create a Delimited Header File).


To use the map by name procedure,


Select the tax form (or "Clients") from the tax form group.
Select the source file to be used.
From the decimal group indicate whether or not the decimal is implied in all currency fields of your source file.
Select the delimiter to be used from the delimiter group (tab, comma, and pipe delimited source files are supported). If you are not sure of the delimiter you can skip this step. IMU will attempt to calculate the delimiter for you.
Select Read in the header group.
Select Map by Name from the Tools Menu Button.


After the mapping is complete, choose Skip in the header group and use the navigation buttons in the source navigation panel to verify the accuracy of the mapping. If successful, click the Execute button in order to execute the mapping. This will create the output file to be imported into Account Ability.


note Note


The Map by Name menu selection appears disabled (dimmed out) if either (i) the source view is empty, (ii) the destination view is empty, or, (iii) the header group is not set to Read.