Importing from Microsoft Excel®


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The primary step in importing an Excel spreadsheet is to save the spreadsheet as a delimited text file. This text file is then opened as the Source file in The Import Mapping Utility ("IMU"). A mapping is then created and executed, resulting in a text file that Account Ability can import.


The following topics illustrate how to create a tab delimited text file from a sample spreadsheet, 1099MISC_EXAMPLE, created with Excel. Although this illustration uses a tab delimiter, one could also use a comma (,) or pipe (|) delimiter.




Spreadsheet Considerations

Zip Code and Tax ID Issues

Using The Format Cells Dialog

Creating The Source File


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If you don't already have an existing spreadsheet of information returns, annual wage reports, or client information, it is not necessary to create one in order to use Account Ability. Account Ability can accept input from the keyboard.
If you already have a delimited text file that you want to import, skip directly to the chapter Learning The Basics (since delimited text files are the ultimate target of Excel spreadsheets).