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The Header Group, shown below, appears at the top of the Mapping page. This group indicates whether or not IMU should include (read) the header (first) record of the source file.




Descriptive header records facilitate the mapping process by identifying source fields and should be Read (included) during the construction phase of a mapping. Once the mapping is complete, however, you should Skip (omit) the header.



First Name,Last Name,Taxpayer ID,Street,City,State,Zip Code

John,Doe,123-11-3293,123 W 45th St,New York,NY,10023


The above example lists the first two records from a comma delimited source file containing a descriptive header record.


note Notes


If your source file contains a descriptive header record, be sure to skip the header prior to executing your mapping. Otherwise, IMU will attempt to map the header record to a recipient record within Account Ability.
IMU includes a Map by Name utility that can automatically map source files with compliant header records. For more information, refer to the Tools Menu Button topic.