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Execute The Mapping

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When you believe your mapping is complete, click on the




button. The execution phase will attempt to apply your mapping to each record of your source file. If successful, you will be prompted to save the output to a destination file. It is this destination file that will eventually be imported into Account Ability.


IMU creates a default destination file by appending the selected tax form to your source file's name, e.g. EXAMPLE_SOURCE1099MISC. This file is then saved with a default TXT extension in the folder 2021MAPS, located within the installation folder (e.g. Import\2021MAPS).


note Notes


If your file contains a descriptive header record, be sure to skip the header before executing your mapping. Otherwise, Account Ability will attempt to import this descriptive header as an actual tax form.
You can view the results of a successful execution on the output page.
If you forget to save the output, you can save it by clicking on the Save Output button.
You can execute your mapping as many times as desired.
If you make changes to your source file, you must execute the mapping once again.