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Editing Source Field Values

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During the mapping or execution phase you may discover an incorrect value in one or more fields of a source record (e.g., an incorrect taxpayer id, an incorrect or missing address, an invalid date, etc.). Generally, it would be necessary to correct the database from which your source was created, recreate the source and try the mapping again. Since this can be a rather time consuming process, IMU offers an interactive means of editing your source data without ever leaving the application.


To illustrate the procedure, open the sample source file EXAMPLE_SOURCE.TXT. Using the source navigation panel, advance to record 2 of 7, the record for John Doe. Assume that the social security for John Doe, 123-45-6789, should really be 123-45-6788. In order to change the social security from within IMU, right-click on the incorrect value and enter the correct value, as shown in Figure 7 below.




Figure 7 - Editing Source Field Values


note Note


Changes made to your source file are temporary unless saved (see source file group).