Destination View

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The Destination View, shown below, appears on the right hand side of the Mapping page. After selecting a form from the Tax Form group, IMU populates the destination view with a list of Destination Fields specific to that form's schema.




The No. column will be zero if no data has been mapped to the corresponding Destination Field. Otherwise, the line number and corresponding source value appearing in the Source View are displayed.


note Notes


The destination view shown above is a subset of the actual destination view for Form 1099-MISC. Source fields displayed in this view result from a mapping that will be created in the chapter Your First Mapping.
Column T is used internally by IMU and can be disregarded.
If the message (N) NOT ALLOCATED? appears in the Source Field column, there is an inconsistency in your source file at field position N of the current record. Inconsistencies, which generally arise when expected delimiters are missing, must be eliminated prior to executing a mapping.