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Contextual Help provides you with immediate assistance without having to leave the context in which you are working. It provides information about a particular object and its context. It answers questions such as "What is this?", "Why would I use it?" and "How do I use it?"


IMU implements contextual help in three ways:


Context-sensitive Help
Online Help Documentation


Context-sensitive Help

This method of contextual help provides information about particular objects. It provides answers to questions such as "What is this?" and "Why would I use it?". In order to request context-sensitive help, either


1.Click the context-sensitive help button (bContextHelp) located at the bottom of the Mapping page, then point and click the resulting help cursor (bContextHelpCursor) directly on a specific object, or
2.Depress the SHIFT-F1 key sequence, then point and click the resulting help cursor (bContextHelpCursor) directly on a specific object, or
3.Right-click your mouse directly on an object. If help is available, a What's this? window will appear. Click once on What's this? in order to display context-sensitive help specific to the object, or
4.While focused on an object, depress the F1 key to display help specific to the object.



Hints are informative messages that are displayed after resting the mouse on an object for a few seconds. For example, if you rest your mouse on the Delimiter group, a hint similar to the following will be displayed




Online Help Documentation

At the bottom of the Mapping page you will notice one of two help buttons: either an HTML Help Button or a WinHelp Help Button. Although each of these buttons displays the same online help, the one you see will depend upon your operating system.


HTML Help Button: bHTMLHelp

The current generation of Microsoft help systems is known as HTML Help. It uses the Internet Explorer browser engine, with a special ActiveX control to provide extra capabilities to HTML pages. If your operating system supports HTML help, the HTML Help Button will be displayed.


note Notes


Right-clicking on some objects may not display context-sensitive help. The reason for this is that the right-click event may have been assigned to another procedure or popup menu. If this should happen, use the SHIFT-F1 key sequence as described above.
Not all objects have hints associated with them.